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What is growth mindset?

If you are a living, breathing human in the halls of LHS, chances are you have heard the term “growth mindset”. The phrase was coined by teachers and staff members this year and has seemingly become the school’s new mantra.

But growth mindset is not a graduation requirement, nor necessarily a shifting of focus.

“Growth mindset is looking at ways to improve. It’s ‘where do I go from here?’ and it is more of an opportunity for growth than a simple end result,” said LHS math teacher Jared Prince.

Language arts teacher Alexis Thieme elaborated, “Growth mindset is this idea that if you come across something that you find challenging or difficult to overcome, having a different mindset and believing you will overcome will help you with your challenge.”

Beginning last school year and continuing throughout summer, teachers heard this phrase echoed throughout the halls of nearly every meeting and training session they had.

“It has been a big source of our professional development,” said Prince.

Teachers have begun to touch briefly on the topic of growth mindset, before a formal introduction is made in Graduation Prep Seminar classes.

“I talk about [growth mindset] in my classes a lot, both formally and informally, but the plan is for Seminar teachers to really dive into it with the students,” said Thieme.

There have been mixed reactions from students, many of whom are still figuring out the meaning of this term.

“It sounds like some new curriculum or graduation requirement that [the school] is doing, but I’m not quite sure. I have not heard much about it,” said senior Elizabeth Lumley.

“I think it is just a different way of approaching your learning and your focus on you education. Rather than just focusing on homework and grades, students actually want to learn,” said senior Kayla Brady.
Staff are committed to conveying the meaning of growth “mindset” to students in hopes of lessening confusion and helping them conquer life’s difficult tasks.

“I definitely think that there is a place for it. I think the students need to know more about it before they can really understand it. The teachers are just getting there, so we need to do a better job of getting it across to the students,” said Prince.