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Boys’ tennis dominates Green Mountain

LHS’ boys’ tennis team celebrated a solid victory this afternoon, with a win on every court. Green Mountain put up a fight, but it wasn’t enough to secure a win on their side.

The matches ended quickly in our favor, with only having to go to two sets.

“The other team just wasn’t as good as us. We all played much smarter and had better strokes,” said sophomore Ozzie Froelich.

Three singles, junior Ben Morris, brought home a clean win of 6-0 6-0. Two singles, junior Zach Fox, and three doubles, sophomores Ozzie Froelich and Matt Friedberg, both were able to obtain a 6-1 6-0 win over Green Mountain.

Because of their great playing and solid win, the match overall brought up the boys’ morale and spirit.

“We are a good team, even though we’re sometimes not focused. But we do good. It’s fun,” said freshman Jeanloup Auzias.

The season has been going pretty well for them so far. They’ve improved a lot and are looking forward to grow as players.

“We’ve been working hard and are prepping for regionals. I definitely feel like we’ve all gotten a lot better,” said Froelich.

Overall, the boys decimated Green Mountain.

Their next match is Monday, September 19 at Littleton.