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Bettinger’s Photography provides seniors with the chance to get their senior portraits taken

Seniors were given the opportunity to take their free senior portraits on Thursday, September 15 as well as a second chance this Friday.

The portraits are taken by Bettinger’s Photography who will take the senior pictures  in the front lawn of the school. These portraits will be at no cost to the seniors. This allows all seniors to have professional portraits in the yearbook.

While many seniors have taken their photos outside of school and have submitted them to the yearbook, there are still many that have yet to take their senior portraits. As of Thursday morning there were still around one hundred seniors that still needed to either submit or take their senior pictures.

Last week a note was sent out to all seniors whose portraits were not submitted online.
For seniors who are unsure if their photos have been submitted, they can check in one of two ways. There is a list with all of the seniors on it in the senior hall outside of the cafeteria. If a name has been highlighted, it means that that person’s photo has been submitted properly. The same list has also been posted on the LHS Class of 2017! Facebook group, by yearbook editor and chief Carlisle Maney.

If a senior does not have their name highlighted, they either need to go to the Bettinger’s Photography table which is located in the lobby on Friday to have their picture taken, or if they have already taken their pictures through an outside photographer, they need to submit or resubmit their senior portrait.