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Parent teacher conferences held early this year

This evening, conferences were held from 4 to 7:30 pm at a much earlier date than in years past. Usually in held in October, the first conferences were held in September this year. Conferences were held this early to further benefit students.

All the teachers set up their stations and waited for the parents and students to arrive. These conferences are held periodically every year so that parents can learn about their student, and the student can get the information they need to succeed.

“It’s early in the year but it’s always good as teachers so we can reach out and touch base with our parents.” said Social Studies teacher Jay Lukes . The teachers are aware how early these conferences are but many parents want a chance to see what is happening with their student in school.

However, since the conferences are early many teachers had much free time and rarely had parents come to visit.  “ I have not had many people, it is almost 5 and I’ve had 5 parents,” said Science teacher,  Cindy Fornstrom. Although it may have been slow, the teachers had good attitudes about the night and many parents and students got the answers that they came for. “But I think it’s good to see parents earlier rather than later,” said Fornstrom. She remains positive and stands by the choice of having conferences earlier.

These teachers also don’t know students well enough to explain how they are doing yet.   “We don’t really have a firm grasp as who you are as students yet. it’s just too early.” said  Language Arts teacher Kyle Fritz,

Overall, Conferences were a success and everyone came when they could and left with helpful information. Teachers were willing to help early or not, and it was a good night.