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Were you a Dream come True or a Worst Nightmare?

Today Littleton students showed their spirit by dressing up as a nightmare or a daydream for Homecoming week with makeup or a costume.

¨I thought is was really cool that people did it, but it was hard to know how to do it.¨ said sophomore Megan Monroe.

The spirit days are fun to participate in and today there were people who were excited. Skyler Stugart, a sophomore, and Bella Hawthorne, a freshman, were participating in the school spirit as a nightmare and a daydream. Stugart as the nightmare, and Hawthorne the daydream. Student participation might have been better, explained by Monroe, if the topic was easier. This however didn’t prevent other students from going the extra mile.

Many students as well as teachers went all out, whether is was funny puns or perfect makeup, the whole school loved to see it. This was very fun and all students, as well as faculty, were looking forward to seeing the creativity.

Hopefully for tomorrow more people will participate in homecoming week. Homecoming is a great tradition and it will continue with these spirit days. file_000