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Students celebrate Homecoming with powder puff and spirit

On Thursday, LHS experienced a blackout. No, not with the lights, although turning those out to conserve energy was encouraged by student council. The blackout was for spirit day. Students arrived at school clad head to toe in black clothing, giving their best representation of the day’s blackout theme.

After school, girls from each of the four classes gathered together on the soccer field to battle for the title of Powder-Puff Football Champions. Ultimately, the juniors won, beating the seniors in the final round with a score of 28-14.

The freshmen and sophomores did not make it to the final round to face off against the upperclassmen.

“Even though we didn’t win, it was still super fun. I really enjoyed watching the juniors and seniors even after [the sophomores] got out. They worked really well together, and there was a lot of spirit,” said sophomore Ciara Viar.

The girls displayed true school spirit and teamwork throughout the game, which will carry over to Friday when the real football team has their match.


Juniors Reganne Fornstrom, Lea Tenenbaum and Sarah Payson celebrate their win.


Seniors Katie Roskam, Emily Sanders, Sanjali DeSilva and Alie Watson get ready to play.


Sophomores race to score.