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Ten tips and tricks for enjoying homecoming

Littleton’s homecoming week is coming to a close, so here are some tips on how to enjoy the dance on Saturday.

The first tip is to go to dinner with friends. Enjoy a nice meal before the dance.

Tip number two, from sophomore, Lydia Tomlinson is to take lots of photos.

“I like to have a mini photo shoot with all of my friends,” said Tomlinson.

Tip number three, don’t take things too seriously. Homecoming should be a night of fun, not drama. Don’t let outside drama affect the night.

Number four, don’t be worried about having a date, homecoming can be just as fun with friends as can be with a date.

Five, participate in dancing. No one is perfect, so no one is going to look perfect when dancing.

Tip six, sophomore, Seth Young, says homecoming is all about who it’s spent with.

“Homecoming is all about the quality time you get to spend with people. Whether you go in a big group, with a special someone, or just with a best friend, you have to enjoy the time you spend with whoever it may be,” said Young.

Number seven, don’t base an opinion about homecoming, based on what other people say. Homecoming is a personal experience that shouldn’t be determined by other people.

Tip number eight, get pumped up for homecoming. Participate in spirit days, and go to after school activities to get excited for the dance.

Tip nine, don’t be scared to go to homecoming. It’s a fun night that’s meant to be enjoyed.

Last tip, don’t forget to have fun!

Make sure to stay safe and have fun at the dance on Saturday.