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Did you get your dance on?

Last Saturday, many students came to party at the Homecoming Dance in the South Gym. Everyone was dancing and yelling the words to every song without a care in the world.

The mood in the house was electric, and the gym had erupted with noise and cheers by 8:30. The dance started at 8, but many people came early and waited outside in the brisk air. The chills did not last long however because as soon as the students entered the school, it was a heat wave. At every dance people sweat, and this one was no exception. Despite the heat, people had a really great time and enjoyed the free food and drink. There were free cookies and muffins as well as Coke, Pepsi, and Dr Pepper.

The Cafeteria was the perfect place to cool off from the hot gym, and the tables were generously decorated for our pleasure by the student council. The streamers were hung everywhere as well as string and spot lights in the gym.

Most people didn’t have a date but still jammed with their friends and sang the words to every song. The DJ had a great selection of music, and the crowd loved to sing to it. People were dancing like they didn’t care what anyone one would think.

The girls wore beautiful dresses and the guys looked very sharp in their suits. Some girls made their own dresses while others bought and added to their gowns. Some were short, and some were long. Those who had dates wore corsages, and they were everywhere and each had elegant beauty.

To make sure everyone was safe, police officers and staff stayed at the dance, and worked the ticketing and phone/bag safety. To end the dance, the DJ played ¨Sweet Caroline¨ and everyone went safety home.