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Do’s and Don’ts football fan spirit

It’s the time of the year where Thursday and Friday nights are dedicated to football games. Students are beginning to gear up with face paint and school traditions and lots of spirit. For seniors, it means their last year to sit in the stand of and cheer on their class mates, friends and school. Though for many freshmen, it may mean awkward confrontations with new people and just a long game.

There are several things that you should and should not do to make sure that your football game experience is the best it can be. For many underclassmen, stand the whole game. Unless everyone else is sitting you probably shouldn’t sit or else you might get yelled at by an upperclassman. Also, sit with your grade. That means do not sit at the front with the seniors if you are a freshman. That area is designated to the seniors and juniors; it is harsh but please respect it. Someday you will get that opportunity.

Every grade should be loud and proud at games. You are there to support your team whether they win or lose. Make a good reputation for yourself and set examples of being the ones with a lot of spirit. Remember just have fun and enjoy the game. Show up to games and be ready to cheer your team to victory.

One thing that people tend to overlook at games is actually understanding how the game is played. Don’t pretend to know what is going on if you really don’t know. Instead, ask questions and learn all the wonders of football.

Overall, just have a great time. One thing to remember is you are being looked at by teachers and friends and the whole school at games, so remember to be respectful. But, there is no better place to be on a Thursday or Friday night than with your peers. So Cover yourself in face paint, wear your purple and gold and make some noise. Make it a great season for yourself and our school.