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Frisbee falls to Heritage

This afternoon, Ultimate Frisbee lost to Heritage in a scrimmage, 3-8. It was great competition and a challenging game for the Lions due to the wind affecting their strategies and frisbee placement.

“We did pretty good. It’s just windy, so it’s a challenge to throw the frisbee well. Hopefully we get to practice in the wind and get that down because it changes the game a lot,” said senior Eric Zierk.

Despite the wind, the team was successful early on with junior Matt Sehgal scoring the first point very quickly into the game. As the game progressed though, it was hard for LHS to execute some plays which lead to Heritage taking the win.

Although this is not the outcome the team wanted, they have been really strong this season. The players have meshed well with each other and were off to a 3-0 start. Newcomers have also learned the game quickly and have become an asset to the team.

“We have a bunch of new people on the team this year, so they are learning the game and how to cut and get open on the field,” said Zierk.

Currently, LHS has a 4-2 record and is excited for their upcoming Monarch Invitational  Tournament this weekend.