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GamePigeon: another ios10 feature

IOS10 has introduced many new and improved qualities, like new ways of texting and designs in numerous apps. But did you know that it has enabled a brand new game that you can play within texts?

GamePigeon is an app that is downloadable through the app store within your texts to play between friends. It enables people to play others without the hassle of downloading the game and taking up space. It’s a much more efficient and easier way to play against people.

The GamePigeon app includes games like 8-Ball, Poker, Sea Battle, Anagrams, Gomoku and many more to come. Each game is fun and addicting.

The games are direct and simple, so they require little effort and time. Also, the worry of forgetting to save the game or losing data is gone due to its accessibility from texts.

Overall, the new app Apple introduced along with the IOS10 has made gaming between people much more convenient. It’s very cool that we are able to to play quick games with friends directly from a texting conversation.