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Band competes in a hard competition at Pomona

This Saturday marching band had a tough competition at Pomona High School. By the end of the competition the band took 11th place out of the 25 bands that attended the competition.

The day started off for the band at eight in the morning to meet up and prepare before heading out to Pomona to perform.

The Band performed twice during the day. The first performance was to qualify for the final. In order to move on to the final the band had to be in the top twelve spots, which they did but just barely taking the twelfth spot.

In the finals the band jumped up a position and placed eleventh overall in the finals.

“We improved our score from prelims to final by a point which is really good, and we beat a that went after us in the finals” said senior Maddie Perun.

The band did face some challenges during the competition. They performed on a grass field instead of a turf field which was a hard transition for a the band. They also lost points because one of these props, a coffin, is placed behind the drum major stand. In marching band rules the props are suppose to be placed onto the field.

Overall the band saw this performance was good practice for the band in order to prepare themselves for harder competitions that are coming up.

“We go to Pomona every year and it is a good competition for us because it serves as a transition to harder competitions that are coming up and we face better bands such as Legend” said Perun.