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Putting the fun back into learning

Learning is a lot of things: It’s hard, it’s exhausting but most of all it’s daunting. We’ve experienced the 90 minute blocks to try and get all this information in with limited amounts of time. We’ve done hours and hours of homework that results in us being confused and stressed out. We’ve read hundreds of pages of articles and text books and heard all the lectures that our teachers have the time to give. It just all gets blended together.
I can’t honestly remember the last lecture my APUSH teacher gave our class last May, but I can clearly remember strutting though an aviation museum with my 8th grade class in 2014. I don’t remember my 6th grade year of Social Studies and Economics but I remember our trip to Ameritowne and our experiences running the place. I’ll always remember those defining moments more then the countless hours of flipping through text books.

C’mon, everyone remembers the vibe we used to get when a field trip was approaching. New sights, new smells, new experiences, and field trip day was always the best day. Whoever said field trips were for kids?

The last field trip I went to was for none other than Newspaper my Sophomore year. (Which you could hardly call a field trip.) I remember the anxiety I got traveling with my new peers into this college, and I vaguely remember the seminars I went to. But I mostly remember stressing over the history test revision I was missing and the chemistry homework I most definitely had no idea how to do. And writing this now strikes me with feelings of sadness and nostalgia…

I miss the beauty of field trips and the wonder behind them. I miss the innocence of missing a day of school without having dread of well, missing school. I for one, learn so much better with the help of a hands on experience than any text book or trashy power point. Where’s the art in those?

Please teachers, give education meaning again. Think about the wondrous thing that are field trips.