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“Come and get it”: DECA plans to open coffee shop at LHS

Next week a coffee shop called lionbucks will be opening in the cafeteria. The coffee shop will be run by DECA, which will serve as their new shop that will replace the shop that was open three years ago.

“Due to the new nutrition regulations that Michelle Obama put in, we had to stop the DECA store. So then we had to figure out what we can serve that will get money for our DECA club and what is something that kids will want to consume at littleton early in the morning when we can serve food”says DECA member Carlisle Maney.

By serving coffee DECA will be able to make money for the club as well as get experience working in the shops, which is something that the club has struggled with in the past few year.

Students will be able to buy coffee and other drinks from the shop at a certain time in the mornings.

“We are only allowed to serve from 8:30 to about 9:45 am, which is short but we will make it work” said Maney.

DECA members will be working in the shop in the mornings for about twenty minute shifts.

There is not specific date set yet for the opening but the club hopes to open up the shop sometime next week.