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Greys Anatomy back for take 13

After much anticipation and excitement from Grey’s fans all around, season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy premiered and has been going strong. I don’t watch a lot of TV but managed to find time to watch all 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix within a five month period last year. As I watched the previews for the season premiere I wondered why it was that what seemed to be just another hospital-drama show had me so hooked. After the episode, I remembered why.

In contrast to last year’s season 12 premiere with a lighthearted switch after the death of Derek Shepherd, this season came out dark and unsettling. I gave into the writer’s desire for me to feel frustrated between my love of Alex and my love for DeLucca as DeLucca struggles to survive and Alex struggled to come clean about the attack. While I hate the show a little bit for forcing me to love the person in the wrong, it kept me coming back and wanting more per usual.

Admittedly, the show has given into its soap-opera side a little too much. In tonight’s episode a woman died, then awoke from the dead. It was heartwarming but also made me loose a little bit respect for the show and made me remember the characters aren’t as real as I sometimes want to think they are.

I  have been overall satisfied with the premiere of season 13 but am looking forward to seeing the character’s progress and am hopeful that it’s realistic element will resurface. Tune in next Thursday for latest happenings in the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital.