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NHS welcomes new members

Tonight NHS welcomed new high achieving juniors and seniors in a short but meaningful induction ceremony. Many juniors and seniors were invited to join NHS based off of their academic success. These students then filled out an application about themselves, listing things such as community service hours, academic awards, and extracurricular activities. From there, Mr. Hahn and Ms. Fritz selected members that they believed would thrive in and add to NHS.

The selected members were then invited to the induction ceremony where they pledged to the commitment of NHS. These new members pledged to uphold the values of NHS by maintaining academic success and giving back to both the LHS community and the community as a whole.

The new members will begin a new chapter of NHS. NHS will continue to strive to better the community by participating in and driving meaningful community service activities. These new members will bring fresh perspectives to the club and help in expanding the club as a whole and bettering the overall community