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Students give blood to those in need

Today, October 6th, LHS students and teachers had the opportunity to donate blood to Bonfils Blood Center throughout the school day. All 40 donation appointment slots available during the day were filled. Only about 25% of the donors were teachers/staff; the rest of the 75% of donors were students themselves.

“I think it makes a big difference right here in our community and it saves lives. It’s getting high school students, young people involved and getting them interested in donating blood so they can become lifelong donors,” said NHS sponsor Josh Haun.

The blood drive was organized/hosted by National Honor Society, a service group at Littleton made up entirely of junior and senior students here at LHS.

In order to donate blood, students had to have a parent fill out a waiver (unless they were 18), they had to weigh at least 115 pounds, and there were other health guidelines that needed to be met before students could give blood. The entire process only lasted about an hour (the actual blood was drawn for less than 10 minutes), and students who pledged to give blood were excused from their class over the course of that hour.

“I’ve been wanting to donate blood for a while, and I finally got to. You get to save three lives for every time you donate blood,” said junior Jordan Howden.

This is only the second time LHS has hosted a blood drive, but Bonfils Blood Center will be visiting LHS more than once per year, offering everyone at Littleton an opportunity at some point throughout the year to donate blood if they are eligible and if they so choose. Bonfils Blood Center has been organizing blood drives for 73 years, and they even coordinate other blood drives in the Littleton community. Individuals can also donate outside of a specific blood drive, simply by contacting Bonfils Blood Center to schedule an appointment to give blood. Bonfils Blood Center also organizes bone marrow donations, which can be critical to helping save a sick patient’s life.

“Everyone should do it. It’s a little way that doesn’t really affect you that much that you can help other people,” said Howden.

Didn’t donate today but still want to? If you are interested in donating blood or bone marrow, contact Bonfils Blood Center by calling your local blood center or visit http://www.bonfils.org/ for more information.


Littleton High School’s Bonfils Blood Drive poster


Littleton High School’s Bonfils Blood Drive poster