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The Not so Great Debate: High Lights from the Vice Presidential Debate

As Barack Obama’s time in office comes to a close, America is yet again faced with the tough decision: who will be our next president?

Democratic Party representative Hillary Clinton, and Republican Party representative Donald Trump, had their first debate last week, and each candidate came fired up and ready.  According to npr.org over 84 million people tuned in to watch the debate.

Last night, the vice presidential candidates went head to head in their own debate. While this debate wasn’t as highly viewed, it still had some very key points to the election.

Clinton’s VP, Tim Kaine spent the night throwing out insults and rebukes against Donald Trump.  Kaine used anything and everything controversial about Trump to his advantage. Whether it was an old interview, a tweet or something Trump said on Celebrity Apprentice, Kaine attempted to bring bad publicity to Trump and his campaign.

Throughout all the interruptions and insults, Trump’s VP Mike Pence maintained a calm attitude and somehow resisted the urge to argue with his oponent.

Kaine’s interruptions distracted from the debate, and Pence handled it well.

Like any other debate, tensions were high and patience was thin.  However, both candidates presented themselves well.

Although this years elections have a lot of controversy,  the debates are worth while for voters.