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Boys’ soccer loses 0-1 in close match

Boys’ soccer battled against the Standley Lake Gators tonight, losing 0-1. But the loss doesn’t mean they played a poor game.

By the end of the first half, not a single point had yet been scored, showing just how comparable the teams were. In the middle of the second half Standley Lake made what would be the winning goal of the game.

LHS came close to tying the game in the last few seconds, but no such luck was had.

“It was an even game, just one goal made a difference,” said head coach Pedja

Vajzovic. “But before the goal it was a good game. Two even teams controlled the game.”

Both teams certainly were evenly matched, each one managed to keep offensive pressure on the other while keeping out goals with formidable defenses.

Midfielder Ethan Schwarz was also happy with their performance, despite losing.

“I thought we played pretty well,” said Schwarz.

This game has brought their record for the season to 8-5.

Soccer competes next against Valor Christian at the LPS District Stadium on Thursday.

Coach Pedja instructing the team at half-time

Coach Pedja instructing the team at half-time


Defenders Nate Schwarz (left) and Deagan Malloy (right(

Defenders Nate Schwarz (left) and Deagan Malloy (right) go after the ball.


Goalie Joe Gurkin

Goalie Joe Gurkin


Midfielder Juan Chavira

Midfielder Juan Chavira