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All State Choir auditions

This afternoon, numerous LHS juniors and seniors traveled to a Douglas County high school to audition for the All State Choir.

All State Choir consists of the top singers, composed of only juniors and seniors within Colorado. Many kids from all over the state including Kylie Griggs, Turner DeShon, Kathy Le, Amanda Staab, Grant Bownman, Erika Corbitt and many more from LHS alone are auditioning this afternoon at high schools all around Colorado to test their singing abilities.

At auditions, the students have to sing scales to test their range and ability, along with on the spot sight reading. To finish, they have to perform a solo song that they have already prepared. These songs are primarily supposed to focus on their strengths and bring out the best of their ability.

Those who are accepted into the choir will then all meet together and rehearse for three days in downtown Denver. Eventually, they will all perform together at the Convention Center.

The results of the auditions will be posted sometime in early November.