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Greater Tuna could not be greater

Welcome to Tuna, the third smallest town in the great state of Texas. However, don’t be fooled– it may be small, but it fills the Mane Stage. With a cast of hilariously opinionated townspeople, audience members may feel like they just landed right smack in the middle of the lone star state. But with a cast like this, it is hard to feel lonely.

Ellie Monblatt as Arles Struvie and Alex Green as Thurston Wheelis make an incredibly entertaining duo as they set up scenes in the town with their radio talk show, OKKK. Senior Alie Watson has audience roaring with her performance of Bertha Bumiller, a stressed out and over-committed mother of three.  Aunt Pearl, played by senior Emma Olsen has some disturbingly funny qualities about her, and poor Stanley Bumiller is just disturbing. If these characters do not have you falling out of your seat in laughter, then the eight to ten dogs following around Jody Bumiller most certainly will.

But don’t take my word for it. The show opens Thursday, October 13 and, like many of the Mane Stage productions, it is not one to miss.