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Survivor is back with season 33

Thirty two seasons later, the popular reality show, Survivor, has come back with a new twist. Generation X versus Millennials. While the show has had many different themes in the past, this some seems to hit a little too close to home.

Seeing as I’m a millennial, I can relate to one half of the players on the show, which is part of the appeal. However, it’s still interesting to see the other side of the spectrum and see an older generation on the show as well.

Challenges so far this season have been clearly constructed to give advantages to both generations. Not only that, but both generations think that they’re the one with the advantages. The millennials think they’re at the advantage because of their young age, but the generation X think they have it because of their hard working mindset.

There’s an obvious age gap between the contestants, with the youngest, Will, being 18 years old, and Paul, the oldest, being 52 years old. Will left his last semester of high school to be on Survivor. A lot of the generation X use Will as an example to communicate the stereotypical “millennial mindset”.

While the season is only three episodes in, it shows a lot of promise. With fun and exciting challenges, a diverse group of contestants, and lots of reality show drama, it looks like it’s going to be a good season.