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Frisbee team finds success at Monarch Invitational

On Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16 the frisbee team traveled to Monarch High School to compete in the Monarch Invitational.

The team went into the tournament seeded eighth and did exceptionally well. On Saturday, they competed in four games and came out only losing one to Lakewood. However, Lakewood is ranked as one of the best in the state so it was an amazing accomplishment to do as well as they did.

“At the beginning of the tournament, we came out really strong against East which was a huge confidence booster and really fueled the rest of the day,” said freshman Ellie Fuchs.

Due to their success on Saturday, the team was able to move into the championship bracket on Sunday. They also qualified for division one at state this year.

Within the championship bracket, the team didn’t do as well as they had the previously day, with a loss of all three games. However, the team still played their hardest and the games were all really close.

“When we played on Sunday, we seemed to ‘flow’ and have a rhythm. Our toughest games were on Sunday, but we took the intensity to some of the best teams and didn’t lose without a fight,” said senior Andy Bredar.

Throughout the tournament, they were all constantly growing as a team. The players were able to channel their newly grown closeness to the field, where they worked well together to gain momentum and play their hardest.

“We were able to play as a team and uplift each other throughout the day,” said Fuchs.

State will be taking place in November, and the team is ready to prepare to compete, and dominate when it happens.

“We will prepare by getting in the mindset to have fun and work hard while doing what we have been doing for weeks. Practice makes perfect!” said Bredar.


The girls smile at their overall success.


Freshman Hannah Sanders throws the frisbee to her open teammate.


Senior Max Fidler reaches for the frisbee to beat the opponent.