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GSA hosts Movie Day

On Thursday, Littleton’s Gay- Straight alliance club, also known as GSA hosted a movie night in the forum. This event was a team bonding event for all the members.

“We decided to do this to promote our club and hopefully get some more members out of it” said freshman M. Burns

The club showed the movie “Camp” which is about a summer camp where students express themselves through performing arts. The movie features lots of LGBT individuals making it a perfect fit for GSA’s movie night.

“The movie has a lot to do with LGBT and that’s important because some movies don’t high light that,” said Burns.

The GSA club is hoping to recruit more members, both alliances as well as members of the LGBT community. Their hope is to create a safe space for anyone who either  has/hasn’t come out yet, and is in need of some support. The club is hoping to get more straight alliances too, so that LGBT students know that straight students are on their side.

Overall, the turn out to the movie night was strong. Both old and new members came, and everyone who went enjoyed the movie as well as the company.

GSA meets on Thursdays, and is always open to new members joining. Anyone and Everyone is welcome.