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Teens dive into the lives of authors at the first annual teen book con

On Saturday, all throughout Colorado, teenagers were invited to Littleton High school for the first annual Teen Book-Con sponsored by Tattered Cover Book store.


Around 400 teens were at Littleton  on Saturday for the first annual Teen Book-Con, held by Tattered Cover Book store. The convention was held for kids of the ages 13-18. Twenty-one authors of young adult novels were there for four separate panels. The day started and ended with keynote speakers.


The opening keynote speaker was Danielle Paige. She talked about how she never believed she could be an author, but how her dream came true.


The four panels were, When Worlds Collide, Bad-Ass Heroines, Love, Adversity & Life, and Scary, Creepy, & Weird… Oh my. Each panel contained 4-5 authors who wrote books in that genre.


The panels were fourty-five minutes long. The first thirty minutes were moderated by a local Denver author, and the last fifteen were opened for reader questions.


There was a wide range of authors, but there was one particular author who was different from the rest. Helena Coggan, an author from the U.K., was the youngest author there. Coggan is only 17 years old, and has published her book, The Catalyst, that she wrote when she was thirteen.


At the end of the day there was another keynote speaker, Scott Westerfeld. He ended the day with closing remarks, as well as a little bit about himself, and everything he’s done so far as an author.


Authors on stage being introduced


Danielle Paige gives her opening keynote speach


Seventeen year old author Helena Coggan with her book, The Catalyst