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Marching band succeeds at regionals

On Monday night, marching band performed at the regional competition at Sports Authority Stadium in Parker with a very strong showing. They were third out of seven 4A teams, and they qualified for quarterfinals. LHS performed ‘Nightmare in Transylvania’, a set the band has been practicing for quite a while.

“We have been really dedicated these last couple of weeks, trying to get everything perfect to qualify for the next round,” said junior Lindsey Vandenberg.

All of the hard work paid off because they received a score of 66 which is an improvement of their score of 62 at their last competition. The band performed at 9pm which may seem late, but it turned out to be perfect for them.

“I’m proud of our performance because we improved so much and I think we perform better at night because the sun is not in our face and we are not dying of sweat,” said Vandenberg.

Quarterfinals takes place on October 28 and band hopes to qualify for semifinals, and then finals-something LHS has never done. Yet, they have had a great showing this year and hope to continue their success on the road to state.