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Volleyball gets a strong win against Stanley Lake

Thursday, volleyball had a strong semifinal win against Standley Lake High School winning in straight games.

“I think it went really well, we had a really good game and we heat them in three which was awesome” said senior Brynn Svenningson.

In the first game LHS was able to scrape by with a close win coming back from being down 9-15. This was the closest of all of the games as LHS came back stronger in the next two games. The score of the second game was 25-11 and the sore of the third and final game was 25-17.

LHS played a strong game with few unforced errors and a lot of good kills by seniors Mallory Burbage, Emma Parkhurst, and Julia Encinias.

“The season has gone pretty good overall as we have been playing really well as a team and we are going well with winning games” said Svenningson.

This was a very important game for the team as it was a semifinal game that would allow them to continue in the tournament.

THe next game will be on tuesday against D’Evelyn which is predicted to be a tough but exiting match up.

“I think we are all looking forward to playing D’Evelyn on Tuesday” said Svenningson.

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