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Halloween: a time to scare or care?

This evening, members from both Key Club and National Honor Society met up and went trick or treating for cans/non-perishable food items in the Greenwood Village neighborhoods near Littleton High School.

This past Friday, Key Club members distributed informational flyers to the houses in the Greenwood Village neighborhoods so residents were aware of what was going on and could prepare food for students to pick up. Today, around 20 students showed up for the actual trick or treating event, several wearing their fun Halloween costumes. Students were split into four different groups that each took a different part of the Greenwood Village neighborhoods to ask for food. The students collected an entire trunk full of canned goods and other non-perishable food items, which is a lot more than what they had received in previous years.

“A lot of houses that we went to had cans already sitting out on the porch waiting for us,” said junior Key Club member Jordan Howden.

The entire trunk full of food is being taken to social worker Josh Hahn in the counseling office of LHS and will be made into Thanksgiving food baskets for LHS families in need.

“It makes me feel happy. I got a little competitive with the cans and wanted to get more than everyone else,” said senior Key Club member Brisa Banuelos.

In order to make lots of Thanksgiving food baskets, Hahn will also collect food from other groups/people such as Student Council, teachers and classes within the building.

“It’s a group effort; everyone in the school comes together and donates different things… All the food goes straight back to our community,” said Key Club sponsor, Hilary Anthametten. 

Overall, the students had a great time together and were happy with the items they received while trick or treating. They look forward to having the baskets made to help those at LHS who are in need.

“It’s just trick or treating on Halloween which everyone loves. It’s like your childhood self, but trick or treating for more grown up things,” said Howden.