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LHS sprints to the 2016 Stride

The Littleton Stride kicked off Sunday, October 30 with many friendly faces from LHS and around the community. The annual race at the Littleton Museum invited all people from around the community to run or walk five and ten kilometer races in an effort to benefit the Littleton Public Schools foundation. Approximately 1,000 people participated in the the 5K race alone.

Many participants ready for the benefit braved the 7:00 am registration and foggy weather to come out and run, including LHS freshmen, sophomores and upperclassmen to even LHS staff like coaches Chad Koepke and Terry Banfield.

“I was really surprised at just how massive the turnout was and how well represented LHS was,” said sophomore Quinn Jones, who placed 14th in the 5K race.

Though Arapahoe managed to take 1st place in the race, the event was an experience for all of the LHS community.

“I didn’t meet anyone new, but I definitely got a sense of community as so many people were willing to get out of bed at early hours to run and support each other’s kids, which means a lot,” said Jones.

Participants line up at the start.

Participants line up at the start.