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Advice to keep your Halloween safe and enjoyable

When we think of Halloween, we automatically think of candy and parties. While candy is certainly tasty and parties are certainly fun, it is important to be aware of our actions on Halloween and make good decisions. This statement is applicable to all ages, both young children and teenagers, and here is some advice to make sure your holiday is the best it can be!

Candy/Trick-or-Treating:                                                                                                      Halloween is arguably the most unhealthy holiday for young children because they are given handfuls and handfuls of candy while trick or treating and, without their parents even noticing, pop a piece of candy in their mouths every few minutes.

Due to this reason, many parents argue that they do not need the candy in their house and do not let their children trick or treat. While I agree that kids do not need that much candy (my family still has several bags of candy left over from last year because we got so much while trick or treating), trick or treating is a Halloween tradition, and there are a few things you and your family can do to make sure everyone stays healthy during the holiday.

One thing is obviously to limit candy intake. My family keeps our bags of Halloween candy on top of our kitchen cabinets so that the candy isn’t constantly tempting us. We also have a policy that allows us to eat two small pieces of candy or one larger piece of candy for dessert, but no more than that. As for Halloween night, I recommend setting a specific number of pieces of candy that you can eat; a good number enables you to enjoy candy on Halloween, but also keeps you from getting a stomach ache, such as maybe four or five pieces of candy. Halloween is a fun holiday, but it is on a school night, and getting sick due to too much candy intake is not worth it.

The best thing to do to limit your candy intake on Halloween and the days following is to donate candy to a candy drive or your local dentist. Dentist offices will often collect Halloween candy (sometimes paying you $1 per pound), and they will then donate the candy to veterans fighting in the army or navy. This is great because you are able to trick or treat for as much candy as you possibly can, but instead of eating it, you can donate it for a good cause (while collecting some money in the process).

Parties:                                                                                                                                                     As this is posted on a high school news website, it is important to address that no, some high schoolers may not go trick or treating (I totally will because I can still get away with it), but many tend to attend parties on Halloween night. Yes, this is a fun event for teenagers who are too old for trick or treating, but be very careful. As I mentioned earlier, Halloween this year is on a school night, so it is important to get your homework done before the party and make sure that you get home at a decent hour so you can get enough sleep to function the next day. It will not look good if all of us high schoolers come to school on Tuesday with bags under our eyes, drooling on our desks during class. Furthermore, at some high school parties (I am not saying all, but there are some), alcohol is present. First of all, alcohol is illegal for anyone in high school, so it is a really bad idea to consume even just a sip because it hurts our bodies, and we could get in trouble if we are caught drinking. Secondly, getting drunk is even worse. If you think drinking and/or getting drunk is cool, think again. Getting drunk demonstrates immaturity, the inability to think for yourself because you gave into peer pressure and just plain stupidity. You could seriously hurt yourself (and/or others) not just that one night, but young teenage drinking could also lead to alcoholism and many worse things. Don’t be the kid who drinks on Halloween night.

Halloween is an entertaining holiday that is meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are trick or treating, attending a party or staying at home, make sure to have fun, but most of all, be sure to make good choices and stay healthy.