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LHS students, sell, buy, and trade in the Stock Market Challenge

On Friday, LHS students went to University of Denver to take part in a mock stock market challenge. There were six teams from LHS who participated in the challenge.

Participants first met before Friday for an informational meeting in order to prepare for the event.

“First we has an informational meeting where we formed teams, got a brief description of all the things we would need to know to succeed in the challenge and picked out our initial stocks” said senior Jarod Dreiling

Before Friday the teams had picked out which stocks they were going to invest in at the challenge. Once there, they participated in two thirty minute sessions where they would buy, sell and trade stocks, while watching how the stocks were doing on big screens.

“It was an hour long event where each minute was equivalent to a day on the market. It got pretty hectic as we were all running around watching the stocks and trading but it was really fun” said Dreiling.

The success of the six teams ranged but stayed mostly in the middle of all of the teams.

“There was a wide range of success, the top two Littleton teams finished thirteen and fourteen and I think the last finished in forty-ninth” said Dreiling.

Overall this challenge was a great learning experience for the students as they were able to lean about making decisions in a short and rapid period of time.img_5076 img_5085 img_5084