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Senior traditions and their purpose

Senior year is filled with ceremonies and traditions; the senior class is asked to pick out a song, quote and a flower as symbols for the graduating class and the time they have spent in high school.

“The point of all these things is to have something meaningful that we seniors all have in common,” said Senior Emily Sanders.

She also talked about where and what the symbols are used for.

“We use the song for graduation and the assembly, and the motto can be used for our shirts…the flowers are also used at graduation,” said Sanders.

High school classes often play graduation songs at senior events like prom and the actual graduation ceremony.  The right graduation song can make the graduation ceremony experience more meaningful. No matter what song is chosen, it is special time when class members hear it years later.

Graduation mottos are verses used to honor a rite of passage. There are plenty of mottos that vary, from deeply sentimental and encouraging, to lighthearted and humorous. The motto chosen could possibly be on the class shirts or spoken at graduation.

Class flowers are used at the graduation ceremony; the flower and its meaning is completely up to the students. Flowers in general typically have a definitive meaning if looked up, but seniors can come up with their own meaning for their flower of choice.

It takes some brainstorming to find the perfect graduation mottos, song and flower that reflect those being honored. It is important that everyone participates to help choose each piece involved in the seniors’ end of high school.

“We are all going to vote at seminar next week on a google form,” said Sanders.