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Where there’s math, there’s a way | App Review

Has there ever been a time where math just didn’t make sense? Mathway, by Mathway, LLC, is an app available to download for free on the Google Play Store and App Store allows users to solve even the toughest problems.

The way the app works is simple: users are met with a chat message with the calculator with the app starting off the conversation with a note like “How can I help you?”

Users see an easy-to-use keyboard specially outfitted for typing math that can vary in complexity but is still easy to use. It features all of the numbers, symbols, and rules needed, but in an order with a more strategic  layout of the keys, a feature where graphic calculators require the user to toggle special keys on and off and memorizing each key so it is easier to use. Not only that, but the keyboard fits mostly all of the keys needed for different levels of math.

And one of the most unique things that Hathaway has to offer: You can select which type and level of math anywhere from Basic Math to Statistics as well as support for Finite Math, Linear Algebra, and Chemistry. The keyboard will slightly switch all of they keys that are specific to each type, while also making it easier to find the others.

Mathway is available for free, and users can type in problems and equations to find Mathway spit out the answer. However, the app can also show all of the steps being that answer. But that comes with a cost. For $20 a month or $80 for an entire year, the perks and benefits of Mathway come at a steep price. And though Mathway is great at solving and showing how to calculate problems, it will not necessarily go about solving it in a way that was taught in class. The app also does not skim on words, and sometimes their explanation is so heavy that looking at it once solving it seems daunting  and quite frankly impossible to solve. Often times this way of formatting such an equation might at first come off as excessive, sometimes enough for the explanation to get lost in translation.

The bottom line: for anyone who frequently comes across problems in math, Mathway is definitely worth checking out. Depending on how a person learns, the way Mathway explains their showings is a hit-or-miss, especially considering the price.