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Different look on cheating

A major part of all high school academics is the extremely common trend of cheating. There are a lot of pressures people face to be what others view as successful, especially with grades. It is commonly seen that the extreme measure students take to get good grades from academic pressures or indolence is cheating.

Although there are different thoughts on how cheating is motivated, many LHS staff and students have different views on cheating and why it happens. For example, some teachers try to eliminate the need people feel to cheat.

“I think if one creates a rigorous, open and relaxed environment…not nearly as many scholars will feel the need to cheat,” said language arts teacher Thom Uhl.

The massive homework loads change kid’s outlook on learning; their attitude towards school becomes more negative, resulting in education not being valued like it should be by students. In regular courses, there is still a numerous amount of cheating witnessed by LHS teachers. However, it is noted that more cheating is seen in advanced courses.

“By far, I witness far more cheating in advanced and honors classes…this is sad and the direct result of far too much pressure placed on GPA,” said Uhl.

Both the National Education Association and the National PTA encourage only about two hours of homework a night for high school students.

Teachers are the ones who catch people cheating, but students also tend to be aware of the people who cheat and do not get caught doing so.

“I feel like IB[has more cheating], because they get so much homework and rely on cheating since they just don’t have the time,” said Junior Avery Zieper, who is enrolled in the IB program.

Cheating is an issue that will always be around in the school system, regardless of who is doing it. The question is, what can contribute to lowering the abundance of cheating?

“I think they [teachers] should spend more time thinking about how long it will take to complete other homework,” said Zieper.

Not by any means is cheating being condoned, but there are possibilities in reducing cheating by not only looking at what the student could possibly change, but their surroundings with pressure. A way to reduce pressure would be to lower the two hour homework load for one class alone, to around thirty minutes or forty five minutes. Another thing to do to relieve some pressure on your child would be giving them some leeway for that one low grade they have.