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Are you a watcher or a player?

Are you a watcher or a player? Watcher…player…watcher…player…watcher…player…?

A new movie called Nerve featuring Emma Roberts as Vee and Dave Franco as Ian recently came out on July 27 and is now out on DVD and in Red Boxes all around town. This is a super intense movie and will have you sweating and sitting on the edge of your seat for the entire hour and a half film.

The idea of this movie came from the game truth or dare. In the film, high school students all around the city are playing this game on their phones called Nerve, which is essentially truth or dare minus the truth. Individuals can sign up to be either a watcher or a player. A watcher pays to film other game participants and views other contestants from their phone. A player has to complete different dares within a certain amount of time and they can win money each time they successfully finish a dare. This game sounds like a lot of fun, but the dares become increasingly more risky and dangerous as the night goes on. If someone is having trouble doing a certain dare they can either “bail” (opt out on a certain dare) or just “fail” (don’t complete the challenge) and they lose all of the money they won. The object of the game is to be the last one standing at the very end when everyone else has either bailed or failed.

The main character of this movie is a high school girl named Vee. Vee is a shy person in general so her best friend, Sydney, encourages her to branch out a little and have some fun. In order to impress Sydney, Vee decides to sign up for Nerve as a player. Not intending to get herself into trouble, Vee starts doing different dares and ends up teaming up with a fellow competitor of the game named Ian. Vee soon starts to realize that this game is more dangerous than simply completing the dares and there would be a lot more at stake. Ian and Vee together must decide how to conquer and shut the game of Nerve down…before it’s too late.