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People of all ages enjoy Lions Follies

Thursday night and yesterday night, Littleton High School held its annual Lions Follies talent show in the auditorium. LHS students of all grades participated in the talent show in front of their peers and parents.

In order to get into the talent show, students and parents could buy reserved seating tickets online for $9 a piece. There were also non-reserved tickets sold at lunch all last week and at the door for $6 each. Treats and other baked goods were available for sale during intermission donated by PTO and the Booster Club. All of the proceeds will go to help fund prom in April.

There was quite a variety of talent show acts that performed. Anywhere from hilarious slam poems to beautiful singing, LHS was certainly not lacking in talent. There were a total of 13 acts that performed plus four skits, one for each class. The show lasted from about 7-9:15pm with a 15 minute intermission between Act 1 and Act 2. Below are quotes from three different individuals of totally different ages, each expressing their favorite talent show act and their overall perspective of 2016 Lions Follies.

“Ben Warzel and Phil Rutty were my favorite. The poem was amazing and the Sanders sisters were awesome too. I thought Andy did a pretty good impression of me [in the senior skit]. I think that the type of acts are a little bit more creative now, but there’s always been talent here [at LHS],” said spanish teacher Matt Marshall.

“I think the show was really creative because all the people did different acts and roasted people which was funny. It was a lot of fun and a great experience. The senior skit [was my favorite act] because of Amy Oaks; that was probably the best,” said Freshman Olivia Graham.

“I thought it [the show] was good because it was creative. The girl in the red doing ballet/gymnastics [was my favorite act] because I do gymnastics,” said 8-year old Sadie Iken.

As seen from the quotes above, many people of all ages thoroughly enjoyed the Lions Follies talent show and are excited to come again next year.

List of talent show acts

List of talent show acts


Lions Follies MCs


JP & The Tin Cans playing “Ain’t It Fun”


Midori McCarthy dancing to “Wild Horses”


Freshman skit


The Sanders Sisters sing “I’m Yours” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”


Phantastic Phriends perform a slam poem


Kennedy Hunter sings “Warrior”


Sophomore skit


Turner & Kylie sing “Multi-Love”


James Steinbach performs an electric guitar solo


Kiss My Jazz plays “Seven Nation Army”


Jazzy & Will play violin and drums


Jess & Rachel sing “Heartache”


Alec Lister performs a drum solo


Senior skit


Alie Watson sings “Empty Bottles”


The Galz sing and dance to “Fergalicious”


Everyone dancing at the end of the show