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What’s in store for International Week?

This week is International Week at LHS, a week for students to be educated about places around the world through presentations and movies held in the forum. Here is a preview of what’s going on this week for international week.

On Monday, during period one in the forum, the movie Soldiers of Peace will be shown. Spanish teacher Laura Griffin will be giving a presentation on Peru during third period in the forum. Starting at 11:30 in the forum, Regional Director for Strategic Engagement for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Jenny Presswalla will be giving a presentation on how extremist groups target youth. To end the day, during period seven, social studies teacher Kathy Prestel will be giving a presentation on wonders of the world in the forum.

On Tuesday during sixth period, two short films, Momenta and Groundswell, will be shown in the forum. In the theater during period four, guest speaker Polly Baca will be talking about women’s rights and Latino issues. During eighth period, another film, Democrats will be shown in the forum.

On Wednesday, two films will be shown during period two, Down to Nothing and I Seek Failure, in the forum. In the forum during period four, the film Everest Sea to Summit will be shown. The Musana Community Center will give a presentation during sixth period in the forum about work, education and community development in Uganda. At the end of the day, guest speaker Iman M. Jodeh will be giving a presentation on the Middle East and study and service programs. After school from 2:30 to 3:30 FBLA will be hosting “Zumba for Babies” to raise money for March of Dimes. It costs two dollars to participate.

On Thursday during period one, the film On the Way to School will be shown in the forum. Spanish teacher Mathew Marshall will be giving a presentation on the Costa Rica trip during third period and seventh period in the forum. Fifth period in the forum, the Wildlife Sanctuary will be giving a presentation on their work with big cats and other animals. There will also be a West African drum and dance class in the north gym during fifth period, held by Staci Toma. In art room 1218 there will be henna painting during every period.

On Friday, during period two, social studies teacher Kathy Prestel will be giving her “Wonders of the World” presentation in the forum. During fourth period, the film Prize of Gold will be shown in the forum, as well as the short film Iran: A Skier’s Journey. In the forum during sixth period, the film Invisible Footmen and the short film China: A Skier’s Journey will be shown. During eighth period, the film Before the Flood will be shown in the forum. Henna painting will still be available during all periods in art room 1218. During period eight, there will be Brazilian Capoeira and Samba dancing in the north gym.  

Those are all the events happening in international week 2016. Be sure to check them out to learn more about the world around you.