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Singing her way to the top: LHS student makes it into All State Jazz

Whether its a known fact or not, the world of singing is very competitive. Littleton high school is full of many talented and competitive singers, who are constantly going through auditions, selections and sometimes, acceptances.

One of the most selective honor choirs in Colorado is All State Jazz. Out of the hundreds of people who audition, only 64 are called back. From there, 24  girls will make it in and 8 boys.  Senior Tatianah Summers made the cut of the 24  girls who would be participating in All  State Jazz.

The audition process for All State Jazz was a little hectic. Singers had to record a tape of themselves singing a variety of scales and songs. After that, the students were notified the same day if they had made it back to call backs.

¨I´m super excited I got in. I just got into jazz this year and I love it. It´s such a fun and great genre and I´m really excited to be able to sing with other kids who also love jazz,” said Senior Tatianah Summers

Although they have made it through the auditions, there is still many responsibilities ahead. As soon as they are accepted, singers receive their music for the All State concert. They are required to learn and memorize the music. They will also have to go to a second audition in January to ensure they know their music. As soon as they complete their second auditions, they begin long and hard working rehearsals. The rehearsals and the performance will take place at the Broadmoor in the last week of January.

¨Making it [in] makes me feel like I´m actually good at it, and others see it too,¨ said Summers.

The people who made it into All State Jazz will be split into two groups: Woman’s Choir and mixed choir. Summers made it into the Women´s choir.

The great thing about experiences like this is that they help students realize what they are passionate about.

¨Even though I just got into jazz I have kind of become obsessed with it. I´m really interested in minoring in music,¨ said Summers.

There is plenty of hard work ahead, but it will be worth it for singers like Tatianah Summers who is passionate about what she does.