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Merle’s: great food, great environment

If you’re looking for a quality burger or american style food with a great atmosphere, then head over to Merle’s in Downtown Littleton. They specialize in wide amounts of classic american food that are some of the tastiest foods around.

Their menu consists of a great variety of sandwiches, burgers, soups or salads. Some of their most popular dishes are the delicious BBQ ribs and sandwich, and their signature burgers.

Their very wide variety of burgers are what makes this place memorable. Each burger can be made with either beef, bison or egg binder.

Merle’s serves a delicious Mountain Burger made with mushrooms, bacon and swiss cheese, the Steakhouse Burger made with peppered bacon, bleu cheese, A-1 steak sauce, grilled mushrooms and grilled onions, and many more you can choose and specialize. So if you’re craving a burger of any kind, it is highly recommended to come check out Merle’s.

They also offer some gluten free and meat free foods that substitute traditional beef or bison with egg binder. Just ask your waiter for a menu of gluten free foods and they will provide you with a variety of different types of food to choose from.

At Merle’s, the environment is also a contributing factor to what makes the restaurant so unforgettable. You can enjoy the food in their antique style restaurant, or simply head up to the roof where a beautiful patio is set up for you to savor your food in the fresh air.