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Musana Craft Sale

As a part of International Week, there are crafts for sale in the main lobby from Musana. Musana is a foundation that is located in Uganda that started off as a initiative to help children by providing them shelter and food. Though today it has turned into something bigger. Now there is a nursery and primary school.

“All of this is to fund the orphanage in Uganda that was created by some women who are littleton high school alumni, and to give children a better chance at better life” said sophomore Midori McCarthy who was helping sell the products for student council

In 2008, after a trip to Uganda, LHS alumni after a lot of hard work opened a orphanage in Uganda. They did this after seeing and experiencing the poor conditions in the area, and decided that they wanted to help make a change and people’s lives better.

All the money goes toward helping the families provide for themselves. The women help make the products for sale and while making them they are payed.

“For sale we have scarfs, bracelets, necklaces, bags, headbands, and different types of cases” said McCarthy.

Another project is working on is buying more agricultural land. This land is to grow crops and to raise animals.

“You can also buy chickens, trees, and goats. So you don’t actually get any of those things but you are buying them for people in Uganda” said McCarthy.

Musana means sunshine in the local language. And that is what the organization is trying to bring to the community. Through the generosity of the littleton alumni and littleton high school faculty and students today the organization can continue to grow and help more people become self-sufficient.