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Poetry has been Slammed!

The 6th annual Poetry Slam was held on November 15th at the Ames Facility with its professional poet host, Jovan Mays. The evening started at 7pm and 32 poets from Littleton, Arapahoe, Heritage, and Options participated and brought their ideas to the table.

The poetry that was shared was so empowering and truthful as well as humorous and enjoyable. Nearly one third of the poets came from LHS and they did well. These poems had many crucial topics present that hit home to many people. The Arapahoe shooting was present, as well as struggles of suicide attempts, and the deepest feeling of love and relationships. All these poems had intense meanings that only the speaker could comprehend.

Jovan Mays continues to inspire young poets and explains his love for poetry and hopes that many students will find their passion, maybe through poems but also through other fun hobbies/passions.The house was packed as well and it was standing room only with some people sitting on the floor. This shows the popularity of this event among students, as well as teachers and administrators.

The finalists of this competition from LHS at this years slam went to Alahna Rowe  for fifth place, Andrew Chan for fourth place, and Ellen Huggins for third place.



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