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Let it snow!

Snow has finally hit Littleton today from what feels like forever on Thursday, November 16th and the whole school was so excited. Every student was looking out their window around the time of A lunch or 5th period watching the snow fall.

Everyone knows that the weather this year has been a bit weird but finally winter lovers got what they were asking/waiting for.  The snow was a pain to some but during B lunch many students enjoyed the snow in the court yard with snowball fights and watching the thick flakes fall. The snow kept falling and turned into a blizzard later in the evening and people were concerned for the roads. So far the snow hasn’t stuck to the roads just everything else so no accidents.

This snow unfortunately is not enough for a snow day and school will resume all the same. However there are many snowstorms ahead and a few might turn into snow days! Also always remember to be safe outside and drive carefully and responsibly with this sudden change in weather.