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NHS shares the love of Thanksgiving with Littleton Adventist Hospital

Today the members of the National Honor Society (NHS) gathered in the cafeteria after school to complete their November service project. The students created cards, which will be sent to patients at the Littleton Adventist Hospital over this next week.

Since we are quickly approaching the holiday of Thanksgiving, these cards were made with thoughtful notes and drawings to bring a little more joy into the lives of those patients who cannot leave the hospital to be with their families on Thanksgiving. Students were instructed to include phrases of encouragement, such as “God bless you” or “we will be praying for you”.

“It is something pretty easy for everyone to do, to come and take twenty minutes of their day to brighten someone else’s who is not going to be home for the holidays,” said NHS sponsor Kyle Fritz.

This is an annual event for NHS, and despite its simplistic nature, it is truly a meaningful service project because it benefits the hospital patients who receive them with the simple act of showing that you care.

“The cards go to a lot of grandparents, but I think that they also go to whoever is stuck there over the holidays,” said Fritz.

This activity  embodies the core values of service and character in NHS, as the students showed their selflessness by taking time out of their own busy lives to do something kind for strangers who are in unfortunate situations.

“It just sounded really fun, thinking about making those kids smile, because they have a lot of things going on and anything I can do to kind of make that easier for them is something I’d like to do,” said junior Sadie Haddock.