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Project Runway season fifteen

Fifteen seasons later Project Runway is still in full swing with new fashion trends. Season fifteen is almost halfway over, but it’s still unclear which designer will pull ahead to win the season.

Each designer has a very different aesthetic, providing variety in the clothes made each episode. In tonight’s episode, the designers had to make an editorial look based off of the city of New York.

Throughout the season there has been such a range of challenges that show off the different skills of each designer, it’s making it hard to see a clear winner. There’s no one this season who I think is slightly better than everyone else. It’s a fair game for the prize.

With two of the designers going home in tonight’s episode, the rollercoaster of the season continued. There are only four episodes left of the season, and viewers are anxious to see who will take home the prize. 

If you want to watch Project Runway it premieres every Thursday on Lifetime.