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What to do over Thanksgiving Break

Whether it be sitting around a huge dining room table packed with people or a quiet bowl of cereal, the nine days of Thanksgiving Break are upon us. And hopefully, there will be other things we do besides eat, but that means we might be at a loss as to what to do in the somewhat odd transition period before Christmas. Fortunately for those of us at LHS who aren’t traveling to far-and-away places across to the other parts of the country or an island in the Bahamas, this list might be a guide for the days ahead.

Volunteer. One of the best ways to spend Thanksgiving break is to give back to the community. Not only do you get those service hours in (IB or otherwise), but the community is always in need of volunteers and it’s all a Google search away. VolunteerMarch.org is a good place to start or any local church near you. Any extra time you might spend wishing you had something to do could be can easily be put to good use in the community.

Study. Any grades you have that you don’t like are still salvageable! This means that extra studying each day could go a long way, keeping your mind fresh for the workload the next week. Instead of getting further behind in school (mentally and/or academically), use that free time to sober up any bad study habits or routines that get in the way of school. Organize, plan, or actively remind yourself about deadlines, due dates, and other things that might come up.

Don’t stress. In an article by Time Magazine, one of the worst habits for your mental health includes letting a bully get the best of you. And sometimes, the piles and piles of homework that haven’t been done yet are what might be perceived as things that control you. But since there’s a whole week, use the time wisely to tackle looming fears over school. Not only will accomplishing them make you feel less stressed, but your will feel more accomplished in yourself. All of this might seem counter intuitive when battling with stress, but the more that is done is the less that has to be worried about. Not to say that all time off should be spent on things that are school-related, but playing video games, hanging out with friends, and frankly, sleeping, feel a lot better when there is less of a looming feeling that stuff needs to get done.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for what you have, and even when this time of year seems either too busy, too stressful, too hard, or too disappointing, know that there is always something to be thankful for. And in any event, there’s always that Thanksgiving meal.