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Sick tricks to stop the flu

Just getting out of Thanksgiving break, it’s hard to put into perspective that the final stretch of first semester is now upon us. But we’ve made it. And now it’s time to kick it into high gear as these last few weeks are ultra important, especially with preparation for finals week. We simply can’t afford anymore obstacles with school cracking down hard. One obstacle being illness. Now I know the greatness that is a sick day: spending a day at home in pajamas, watching god awful TV and taking so many foul tasting medicines you’ve lost track. But I also know the stress afterwards of having to make up homework and assignments. It’s something that we simply can’t have this late in the year. So I’ve gathered a few tips on keeping healthy that’ll help with the cold weeks ahead of us.

  1.  Hygiene is key
    You’re probably sick of hearing statements such as “wash your hands!” but please actually do so. And I’m not just limiting to hands, I’m talking washing your body, clothes, items, anything really. With the flu going around, it’s easy for germs to spread. I mean how often do you clean random things such as phones, keyboards, doorknobs, remote controls or even light switches? Chances are, not very much. Get to it.
  2.  Eat healthy
    I get it, it’s so cliche, but I had to include it. Eat better, I’m not referring to an apple a day but hey, it wouldn’t hurt. Junk food just leads to bad skin and an unhappy immune system. You are what you eat after all, and no three bags of candy isn’t something to strive to be.
  3. Treat yo’ self
    It’s kinda hard to take a minute for yourself, but being in a constant stressed state is the complete opposite of being healthy. Take a minute and breathe. Go against my previous advice and eat some ice cream. Watch your favorite show. Do something for you. You’re important too, boo.
  4. Sleep it off
    Hey now, sleep never hurt anyone and chances are you’re deprived. Get some work done early and just go to bed. Naps are totally in right now too. Let your own body do it’s healing. So enjoy the 5 more minutes. You’ll thank me when you wake up.

Now if YOU follow my four easy steps YOU TOO can live a healthy life!! But in all seriousness, just stay safe and remember to be good to yourself. Winter break will be here faster than you know it.