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Students earn spots in All State Choir

Last week, results for All State Choir were announced and several students from LHS were awarded spots. LHS has consistently been represented in All State, an esteemed and highly selective choir for which students from all around Colorado audition.

This year, LHS is represented by the likes of seniors Grant Bowman, Amber Sheeran, Amanda Staab, Tatianah Summers and Alie Watson. Juniors Turner DeShon, Kylie Griggs, Aaron Nice, Preston Novinger and Evelynn Pirnack were also accepted.

With the help of choir director Jim Farrell, students have been preparing for All State auditions for weeks. From sight-reading music to perfecting audition songs, they have worked hard for much of the semester. Along with performing their songs for the judges, students also had to memorize a series of scaled, triads and intervals.

“It is so gratifying to be able to look back at all of the hard work that we put in and know that I wasn’t just given this great opportunity, but I earned it,” said junior Kylie Griggs.

The students accepted to All State will be given a compilation of songs to learn for a large concert early next year.

“I am really excited, but a little worried about the difficulty of music we’ll perform,” said junior Turner DeShon.

But with the help of their choir director and several months before the big concert, students are optimistic that the things will run smoothly.