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Arrival: a different kind of sci-fi movie

Arrival is a movie just recently released to theaters and is a sci-fi thriller movie. Usually if sci-fi movies revolve around aliens, they end up cheesy and only target teen boys and middle aged males. Arrival is completely different. This movie is more of a mind trip than anything else, making you truly think during the whole movie and a lot afterwards. The movie challenges concepts that humans in their daily lives would never think different of. Many of the ideas in the movie are based off of true theories which makes the movie that much more interesting.

Another thing that the film did a great job on was not being over dramatic or overwhelming with the fact that is is a sci-fi alien movie. This a is not a movie you go to if you are looking to see some crazy looking creatures, and because of this, it serves a much larger audience. That audience can be anyone in their teens and older because to understand the movie, the audience members have to be able to do some critical thinking. Arrival is more about the acknowledgment and idea of other existing life and how people usually perceive that life as a threat rather than the possibility of something good.

One other interesting concept in the movie is the approach to communicating with aliens. Many people that watch the movie first and foremost want to know why the aliens have come to Earth and what their purpose is. They also want to know everything from their technology to biology. But the big question in the movie is how to bridge the gap between the two species to obtain that knowledge, and that bridge is created by language. The movie does a excellent job of breaking down the communication barrier and shows how even though language is usually underestimated in a time of distress and crisis like the one in the movie, in this case it ends up being the first step to finding answers.

Though it is a sci-fi thriller movie it is also very touching. The audience gets follow the life of the main character and is exposed to the idea of unity, love, acceptance and loss. It creates relatable lives that the audience can understand and connect with.

So far, Arrival has received very high reviews from critics and from the normal audience. It is highly exciting with smart methodical and interesting ideas, as well as creating a sense of wonder with the integration of realism and beautiful visuals.