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LHS is deca-lared successful at DECA district competition

Today, DECA students traveled to CU Denver to participate in the district competition. They went up against many other schools and did very well overall.

“Only one in five teams or individuals make it to state, but Littleton qualified 28 students, which is about two out of five so we did well,” said junior Reganne Fornstrom.

To initially qualify for state requires a lot of pre-knowledge that will be applied while in the competition.

“Most of us are in role play events. Whether they are a team or individual, you walk into a room and there is a case study on the table. You have a certain amount of time to prep the role play, making sure to include all the performance indicators. You then change rooms and perform in front of a judge who scores you,” said Fornstrom.

After doing that twice, the student’s score will then be added to their score from last week. This is a DECA test that is 100 questions long that tests the students’ knowledge in a certain category of business and professional skills.

LHS found a lot of success at the tournament, as a large portion of students from the team qualified for state with a possibility of more. This is because there are written events that can be prepared for state, but they are not initially apart of the district competition. Many of the students are working on those, which means that those students have a possibility of joining the other 28 in the end of February at state.