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End of the Semester: Will We Make It?

Finals are quickly approaching and will be here soon so the question is: Are you ready?

The stress is always on the minds of students because the weight of certain finals are up to 30 or 40 percent. This is a full letter grade if the outcome isn’t so well. Finals stress relief is offered throughout for the last 2 weeks of school, such as the GSA movie and Counseling office. It is best to avoid thinking about everything you have to do in the last 2 weeks, because the outcome is more stress. The best way to handle finals stress is to write out the big things you need to do for each day, and plan how you will finish it.

Writing out your agenda can be very relieving because then it leaves your mind and is all out in front of you to see. This also allows you to see it for what it truly is because your mind can twist information and double it in stressful times.

The finals schedule is as follows:
Monday: Periods 1 and 3
Tuesday: Periods 5 and 7
Wednesday: Periods 6 and 8
Thursday: Periods 2 and 4
Friday is the first day of winter break so no need to come to school.

It is also good to absorb the holidays and get excited about the holiday you celebrate and if you do not celebrate any holidays it is important to surround yourself with friends and family and really appreciate them. It is good to do that all the time but the more sadness you carry, the higher your stress level will be. Friends and family can usually make someone happy and if that isn’t true their is always new friends and the counseling office because they are their to help.

Finals can be difficult but teachers really like to hear from students they they need their help because they know you want to succeed. This makes them more susceptible to help you and you will in turn do better on the final.